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English Wedding 


Vietnamese Wedding

Vietnam is a fast developing country and it has integrated many Western lifestyles into its culture. Vietnam's today weddings are quite similar to the Western ones. However, there are still some differences between the 2 countries' weddings. 


  • English people engage 1 year before their wedding. Vietnamese people only engage 2 - 3 weeks before.

  • English people don't have engagement ceremony. Vietnamese people do.

  • English groom can not see the bride's wedding dress before the day. Vietnamese groom can.

  • English couples do not take wedding photos before the date. Vietnamese couples do.

  • English mothers do not wear traditional dress. Vietnamese mothers do.

  • English couples have engagement ring. Vietnamese couples don't.

  • English couples give speaches on their wedding day while Vietnamese couples only keep silence (but crying is allowed).

  • English brides walk down the aisle with their father. Vietnamese brides walk with their grooms (no one gives them away). 

  • English bridesmaids hold flower bouquets while Vietnamese ones don't hold anything (some weddings don't even have bridesmaids).

  • English wedding last for 7 - 8 hours. In Vietnam, weddings only last within the dinner time.

  • People dance at the end of their weddings in England while in Vietnam, people ... go home after eating. :( 


  • English and Vietnamese brides wear Western wedding dresses. Traditional dresses are only optional and less popular.

  • English and Vietnamese couples handle wedding rings on their wedding day.

  • English and Vietnamese grooms both have to come to the brides' house to ask for permission to get married before their engagement.

  • Couples in both countries are not allowed to meet each other the day before the wedding. But I've heard people still do in Vietnam. Who can live without seeing the loved one's face on that important day?

  • There are cakes, champagnes and tower of glasses in both countries' weddings.

  • Live bands are used in both countries' weddings.

  • English and Vietnamese couples have similar choices in selecting wedding venues. Usually they are hotels, restaurants, lakes, beaches, gardens, parks, woods... 

  • Families of the couples play important parts in the wedding in both countries.

  • People take a lot of photos and eat a lot of food in both countries' weddings. 

  • Everyone dresses up and look beautiful in the wedding in both countries.

What I like most from both English and Vietnamese weddings is after the wedding, the bride and the groom can have their own time at their honeymoon and there are only 2 of them in the world <3. And they live happily ever after (same in both countries). 


What would you love to see in our wedding? English or Vietnamese style? Let us know at the comment below. 

25 September 2016

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