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Our Story

Hello everyone!! This is the blog of our most important day of our lives: our wedding!!!

It will be an absolutely special day we want to share with you all but until then, we still have much work ahead. We will use this blog to keep you up-to-date with any news and to tell you everything about our wedding planning, excitement, stress & happiness.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Lots of love!!!

Her Story

Thu Ha is from Hanoi, Vietnam. She came to London to study her Master degrees and it's where she met Stephen in 2014. She loves doing handmade cards so she can spend countless hours doing that. Her dad is her true religion. Being strongly influenced by the fairy tales of Hans Andersen, she really believes in the existence of mermaids. 

His Story

Stephen is from Bury, Lancashire, England. He is the funniest and kindest guy in Thu Ha's eyes. If not Thu Ha, he would marry to his own guitar because he spends most of his nights playing it. He doesn't believe he is a romantic person but he made the most romantic proposal by writing it in the sand on the island of Phu Quoc. He doesn't believe in mermaids though! 

What is Ao Dai and its interesting facts

Even though our wedding is pretty much English, it still has some look and feel of Vietnam. Ao Dai is one of them. Since Ao Dai will make it appearance in our wedding, let us tell you some interesting facts about it.

It took me a week to make 40 cards and when I finished, I realised I put the wrong date. 

People said if you came to Vietnam but not trying Pho, you haven't been in Vietnam. Stephen did not try Pho when he first came to the country. So this time, he had tried the best cuisines of Vietnam. 

Women have a lot of fears. And I'm one of them. But do men have fears? I'm sure they do. Even the strongest man has a fear. A hero could also have fears. Stephen & I are scared of different things. And the funny thing is what he is scared of is what I'm not and vice versa. Want to know? Let's check them out!

2 years of stresses were also 2 years of happiness. We have been through the toughest moments but it could only make us grow stronger together. And we would love to share them with you.

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