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Every relationship has its difficult time. Ours is even more difficult. Over the last two years, we have been through a numerous tough situations. Many of them were very hard to overcome or even worse it could end our relationship. However, like a miracle, they did not stop us but made us grow stronger and stronger. Together, we have gone through the toughest times one by one. 

We were born from 2 different worlds

I never thought I was different from anyone else in this world. And I never thought something could stop me from falling in love with someone from the other side of the ocean. But painfully it's true. I met Stephen when I was going to finish my studying and was about to leave his country. I never thought our relationship could go any further than an initial romantic feeling about each other because my nationality doesn't allow me to stay longer in his land when my visa ends. And it would not go any further if I didn't find a job offer and he was not a very kind and caring person.

A year of stresses

It didn't work out the way we wanted. My company couldn't help my visa and we knew that I would have to leave the UK very soon. For the whole year, we prepared for being away from each other at anytime. That critical situation made us appreciate every single minute we spent together and it helped us get to know each other deeper and deeper.

A hard way for Stephen to go

Anyone could understand that it would be easier for Stephen to have a girlfriend who has no problem living in the same place with him so that they would not need to worry about how to be together. But Stephen chose a hard way which might not lead to a happy ending or it would take a lot of effort, tears and worries. And I more than appreciate what he did.

7 months of LDR experience

I always hated a LDR (Long-distance relationship). In Vietnam, we have a phrase that says "Out of sight, out of mind", and I thought it was true. It is but not to us. After I left the UK, we really suffered from not seeing each other everyday. It was even worse to me as I am the one who felt I was being thrown away from him and at that point there was nothing much we could do other than letting the situation tear us apart. 

My continuous troubles

It's not easy to enter the UK and it's not easy to get out of it too. My flight was cancelled by an air strike. I was worried not to leave the country on time which could potentially affect my future entering the UK to see Stephen again. A few months later my visitor visa to the UK failed and it stopped us seeing each other at Ben's wedding. And even worse, it took away my confidence of getting a chance to see him in his country.

Great news came and the future begins

However, after all the worries, tears and suffering, the great news finally came. I received a visa which allows me to come to Stephen and more than that, to plan a future life with him. Nothing can describe the feeling we had when we received the news. It's all paid off and we finally can see each other again.

Although the situation was really really hard, it didn't stop our relationship. It on the contrary, made us strongly believe in one thing that connects us together: our true love. Only true love could overcome any tough situations and it defines the relationship. We determined to be together so whatever the outcome, we will still do, even anywhere in this world.

5 October 2016

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