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How our Save-the-date cards


Being inspired by the English countryside and wood, I would love to have a rustic and forest themed wedding. Therefore, most of decorative materials are natural and rustic, including stationaries. I luckily found a couple of stores in Hanoi which sell souvenirs, gifts, and all sorts of card and craft making.


My initial idea was to find papers with wood patterns but after browsing nearly all paper factories in Hanoi, I couldn't find one. Then I had to go for the semi-dark cardstock. Not too bad though! the colour is similar to what I like and the rope makes it look more rustic. 

The paper that I used for printing the text is too thin, then I had to use a thick paper to make a base. It was trimmed to a slightly bigger than the printed one so that the card could stay inside the background paper. 

Now it comes to the knot. As we said in the card that we are tying the knot, we want to demonstrate it. After trying a few style of bows, I went for the Celtic heart knot which we found most suitable for the card and cute. 

Ok, done! 40 cards were done in a week and I was very happy to show Stephen the result. However, he got back to me pointing a massive mistake I made on the card. The date was made as 14 January 2016. :( I had to do all over again. But this time, I used the same Celtic heart knots. 

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