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The Vietnamese “Ao Dai”, the long gown worn with trousers by Vietnamese women, has become the symbol of the Vietnamese feminine beauty, and the pride of the Vietnamese people.

The Ao Dai was born as the costume required to be worn by the southern courtiers under the reign of the southern lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat.  Eager to establish a separate identity from his northern rivals, the Trinh lords, who enjoyed the status of regents to the puppet kings of the declining Le dynasty, Lord Nguyen decreed that men and women of his court wore trousers covered by a long gown.  Thus was born the Ao Dai.  The garment borrowed the style of clothing worn by the Cham, the original inhabitants of the land to the south of the dividing Gianh river, whose country of Champa (now Central Vietnam) had been invaded and conquered by the Vietnamese.  The Ao Dai was Lord Nguyen’s way to show his respect of the culture of the Cham and to win over their support.


1. Ao Dai used to be only knee long. It is today very much longer and the back can sometimes be made as a long tail.

2. Ao Dai was originated from four-panel gown which has four long panels below the waist.

3. Vietnamese woman feel more feminine when they are wearing Ao Dai.

4. Although called Ao Dai (long blouse), it's the full outfit which includes a wide trousers.

5. Vietnamese women only wear them in special occasions such as Tet Holiday, weddings, or on performances. 

6. There is a wedding variation of Ao Dai which is called "Ao Dai Cuoi"

7. Young girls or students like to wear all white Ao Dai to express the "purity" of the age. 

8. Ao Dai is a compulsory uniform in some high schools.
















9. Ao Dai was meant to be a least sexy outfit which barely showed any skin of the wearer. However, nowadays, it is made to be very well fitted to the body and the split at the waist is very high up and show a little skin and the curve of the body.

10. The best way to wear Ao Dai is to pair with high heels, otherwise your walk will look awkward (don't know why).

11. There is Ao Dai for men but it's not very popular.

12. And Thu Ha will wear an Ao Dai in her wedding. Let us know what you think about her dress (it's interesting to know)

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