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Everyone has a fear of something. It could be an animal, an insect, ghost or even a simple thing like a doll. Men are always seen to be strong characters who barely have fear. But do they have fears?. I'm sure they do. What about women? We are usually laughed at the way we are scared of such a small thing. But believe me, there are something that women are not scared of while their men do. Let's see what Stephen & I are scared of.


Stephen: don't put a spider near him, he would be terrified and scream.

Thu Ha: haha! I could use my fingers to throw them over the window (but I really hate the Daddy Long Leg)


Stephen: hmm.. he likes them. I'm sure if they are pets, he would raise them in his house.

Thu Ha: Errr!!! please don't show her any picture of it. She could run away very far.


Stephen: He loves them! No, just j/k. He definitely doesn't. One time he was scared by a dog so bad that he had to stop taking his favourite walk along the beach on his holiday. :)

Thu Ha: She loves them! Yes true. She used to have a poodle who she dyed her hair in pink. 


Stephen: "Are you joking?"

Thu Ha: huhuhu!!! She can't go upstair by herself in the dark. She is scared of the dark, anywhere dark. 



Stephen: Not sure, but he used to take a photo of a giant gecko/ or a lizard (that kind of thing) in a bathroom and sometimes looks at it delightfully. (He even called it beautiful. Unbelievable!)

Thu Ha: She's scared of anything crawling, with tiny fingers and looks so ugly like that.


Flying in a storm

Stephen: He would cry like he did in this picture

Thu Ha: Even in the most terrified moment, we still need to pose. It's better to not say anything so you can hide your fear.  

It's normal to have a fear of something. When men scare something, they don't look weak. It only shows that they are just human like us. There is no Hercules, or Archilles in the real world.  When you are in a relationship, it's better the way that you and your partner are not scared of the same thing. Because you would be protected the thing you are scared but your partner are not and you would protect him from what he scares too. And we are doing that to each other. 

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